About Dee

Dee Andrews

I’ve always had a cause. My friends in high school would roll their eyes at my insistence on seat belts. In college, it was campaigning against drinking and driving. My first nonprofit volunteer experience was with New York Cares in NYC. I helped clean parks and took kids to Coney Island. It was an eye-opening experience for a kid from Kansas. I’ve had many causes since those days and now combine my experience with marketing and nonprofits to help others support their causes.

I draw on over twenty years of marketing and nonprofit management experience to develop effective strategies and communications. My experience with for-profit advertising and promotion agencies from New York to Los Angeles gives me a strong foundation in strategic planning and creative development. I possess exceptional strategic and tactical competencies and have strong written communication skills. I know how to manage staff, clients, and budgets.

I also bring over ten years of experience working with nonprofit organizations ranging from Development Associate to Board President to Fundraising Chair. Several of those positions were for early childhood education organizations, another cause dear to me. And I was fortunate to work at The Community Foundation Serving Boulder County which allowed me to develop strong relationships and learn about many nonprofit organizations and their causes. I am grateful to live in such a wonderful community.

I have a proven record of leadership roles, outstanding client service, and building relationships. I am trustworthy, attentive, collaborative. A self-starter.

A graduate of the University of Kansas, I received my Bachelor of Science in Journalism. Currently, I am a partner in Social Venture Partners Boulder County, a group of individuals and business professionals who invest expertise, time and financial resources in local nonprofits.

Helping people connect with the nonprofit organizations and causes that matter to them is an honor for me. I hope I can be of service to you. Anything for a cause.