Start the Conversation Today

Social media is about conversations. It’s about engaging, listening, encouraging action, leading. And its essential for nonprofits looking to further connect with their communities and donors.

Dee combines her over twenty years of experience in marketing and nonprofits to provide social media marketing services. She moves your organization from experimentation to implementation and

  • reviews your organization’s mission and goals and determines how social media best supports your endeavors.
  • develops guidelines and policies that reflect your values and culture.
  • develops a social media plan that integrates into your marketing and development plans.
  • trains your staff and board of directors and ensures messaging is appropriate, adds value, and encourages participation.
  • determines appropriate metrics, measurements and return on your investment.
  • develops a turnkey plan for efficient and effective future implementation by your staff.
  • Engage. Listen. Learn. Lead. Contact Dee today.

    “Dee has added a whole new dimension to our work as we move forward ~ professional, thoughtful and experienced ~ participants were so thrilled with the value she brought to our conference.”
    ~ Virginia Paine, National Director, READY! for Kindergarten

    “Words can’t express how valuable Dee’s expertise is to our organization ~ both in working with our leadership team and in training our local directors. The information she presented on social media, strategic planning and fundraising was packed with practical ideas we can apply immediately.”
    ~ Nancy Kerr, President, The Children’s Reading Foundation